Textbook Deadline Extended To June 15th

The semester has come to an end and it’s time to return those textbooks you rented out.

Though the bookstores are closed, the process of return is easy, and the deadline to return textbooks has been extended from May 20th to June 15th. Additionally, charges for late books will not happen until at least August. In the event that the bookstore does reopen, textbooks can be returned directly. 

Students will need to ship their rentals via UPS. They can generate a free UPS label by following the directions on the COS bookstore website at https://cos.bncollege.com/shop/sequoias/page/rental-book-return

If the student is unsure of the books they rented, what their order ID is, or the email that they used to rent them then they should contact Charles Slaught at [email protected] with their questions. He has a master list of information to provide students with.