The Campus

2018-2019 Staff

Judy Menezes

Adviser / Professor

Judy House Menezes is the adviser to The Campus student newspaper and the college's only full-time journalism professor. Before joining the faculty several years ago, she was a newspaper reporter and editor for 12 years. She a...

Michael Taber

Editor In Chief

Venie Soares

Managing Editor

Venie has returned to COS after a 40 year hiatus to pursue a second career in law. This semester he has moved from a reporters role to a supervisory position.

Jordan Jones

Online Editor

Jordan Jones is a man who loves to help people and give them the appreciation they deserve. He loves technology. So much so, he codes for both business and pleasure, and is pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Out of Journalism,...

John Dillon

Arts and Entertainment Editor

John Dillon is the Arts and Entertainment editor for The Campus. He enjoys all facets of culture and leisure and loves writing. As well as being a student at COS, he is a staff writer for the Valley Voice. In his spare time, he en...

Markis Turner

Copy Editor

This is Markis Turner, a man who seeks to get the most out of life and not worry about what comes after. He hopes to gain experience from Journalism to start his journey of becoming a full-time Journalist later in life, event...

Paul Lewis

Graphics Editor

Andrew Turner

Illustration Editor

As a professional artist Andrew Turner has dedicated years to his craft. His passion has inspired children and adults. He’s often found teaching at many local art classes at various local non-profit organizations. He’s currently...

Eric Galan

News Editor

Eric is a first year college student majoring in journalism. Watching the public's trust of news slowly degrade he has taken an "if you want it done right do it yourself" stance and works as the news and opinion editor. With one...

Arlyn Mendoza

Photo Editor

Melodie AubinElliot

Social Media Editor

Inocencio Salazar


Louie Vale


Louie Vale is a COS Student who is Sophomore out of Hanford. He is passionate of photojournalism to the assigned areas of COS. Louie has joined The Campus Newspaper for over 2 years of dedication and his desire to share photos...

Skyler Singsouvanny


Skyler Singsouvanny is a student that like taking pictures, maybe of pretty daisies. He’s also passionate about learning of people’s everyday lives and the exciting or tragic things that can possibly happen. Skyler believes...

Nicole Funes


Jose Cabrera


Alexis Perez


Alexis Perez lives in a small bubble comprising of only home life and personal life. He likes to keep a close family structure and hopes journalism will help him break out of that bubble. His main dream is to go through life knowing...

Briauna Guerrerro


As a sociology major, Briauna Guerrero has always had a passion for helping others. Whether that means supporting their local non-profit organizations or telling the stories of their community. Being genderqueer has opened their...

Isaac Luna


Isaac Luna is 19, currently in his 4th semester, and is a Political Science major (subject to change). He enjoys play video games like Halo, Destiny 2, and Trivial Pursuit with his friends. He likes to work on his grandparents...

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