The Campus

2019-2020 Staff

Judy Menezes

Adviser / Professor

Judy House Menezes is the adviser to The Campus student newspaper and the college's only full-time journalism professor. Before joining the faculty several years ago, she was a newspaper reporter and editor for 12 years. She a...

Eric Galan

Editor in Chief /News Editor

Eric N. Galan is a 19-year-old journalism major. He believes the media is under a lot of scrutiny & the wants to change the world of journalism for the better. His passion is film making as well as film writing. He would love...

Daniel R Pauls

Managing Editor

20, Journalism MajorManaging EditorLikes Stories, books, and finding anything that is interesting or exciting. 

Demetrios Turk

Opinion Editor

Demetrios Turk is 17 years old. His major is Journalism and English. He wants to write while he finishes school and then teach high school English. He writes, films, and has photography skills. He stated that he can’t leave...

Liz Vasquez

Feature/Copy Editor

Day in and day out, Liz Vasquez commits herself to pursuing her goals on a daily basis. Among these goals is her dream to transfer to Fresno State next fall. New to the area, she decided to join the COS Newspaper to hopefully ...

Jordan Harris

Sports Editor

An aspiring sports reporter hoping to be a part of a major sports publication, Jordan Harris is a first-year student at COS, majoring in journalism. He enjoys working out, shopping (for sneakers especially), and most importantly,...

Melodie AubinElliot

A&E/Social Media Editor

Gustavo Romo


Ayris Zamudio


Ayris, 19, is a journalism major with transferring plans and career as a nutritionist or a Zoologist. In the future she hopes to potentially own her own gym to help others achieve their goals. Ayris is a health enthusiast that has...

Jose Cabrera


Bobby Garcia


Roberto (Bobby) Garcia is a 33 year old journalism major entering is first semester on the The Campus Staff. He has a passion for photography which he gets from his family and wants to go out and capture the moment. He joined T...

Skyler Singsouvanny


Skyler Singsouvanny is a student that like taking pictures, maybe of pretty daisies. He’s also passionate about learning of people’s everyday lives and the exciting or tragic things that can possibly happen. Skyler believes...

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