What to Do if You’re Not Transferring


Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko: https://www.pexels.com/photo/a-man-and-a-woman-reading-books-while-leaning-on-a-bookcase-9572625/

Transferring isn’t the only option after community college! Here are a few options for those not going directly back into school.

Pet sitting, babysitting or dog walking are some easy options. These are simple jobs that anyone can do. If you love working with kids or animals, this is perfect for you. Plus, you can earn some income for yourself.

Finding new hobbies is a relaxing alternative solution if you are not transferring. As long as engaging in these hobbies that will not affect your income, or time– engaging in your hobbies is a good idea. If you either dropped out of college or have graduated without a career goal in mind, hobbies can be a way to discover what you’re good at and what you are passionate about.

Work experience programs are another great option. Many cities have local organizations that are dedicated to helping people especially youth (within the ages of 18-24). They’re all tailored to people’s needs and where they are at in their lives. The thing that stinks about work experience programs is their programs take a limited amount of time.

Volunteering is also an option, if you’re passionate about helping others or trying to get work experience, volunteering might be a great opportunity for you.

There are many great organizations that have great volunteer programs such as the American Cancer Society, local homeless shelters, local pet shelters, local LBGTQIA organizations, and Planned Parenthood.

Starting a small business is a popular idea today, it also might align with pursuing your hobbies.This one might be the most expensive option out of all of the ones mentioned. Throughout the pandemic, many people started small businesses, especially through e-commerce.

Gig work is also a super popular job within the past five years. Despite their flaws, apps like Uber, Lyft, and Doordash have given the opportunity for people to drive others around or deliver their orders to their door as a way to earn income.

Many people work these jobs under very flexible schedules and without any work experience. So, find what works best for you, and remember there are multiple options to choose from.