Kansas Rivalry Game Brawl


Demetrios Turk, Staff Reporter

Benches cleared, Punches thrown and a chair almost being used in the brawl.

Yesterday, the Kansas State Men’s Basketball team visited the Kansas team and were thoroughly beaten, the score was 81-59 in the waning moments of the second half.

K-State guard Dujaun Gordon stole the ball from Kansas forward Silvia De Sousa; hoping to get a quick bucket.

De Sousa emphatically blocked Gordon, and stood over him saying God knows what, which led to the brawl. The benches cleared, and the fight took place over on the right backboard.

De Sousa was going to hit someone with a chair, he was holding it over his head, ready to strike before an assistant coach took it away from him.

Today, De Sousa was suspended by the University of Kansas indefinitely for his actions at the end of the game, and more suspensions will likely be coming down from the NCAA.