Pay Your Student Athletes, They’ve Earned It


Jordan Harris, Sports Editor

College athletes should get paid fairly. Anyone who’s ever played school sports won’t dispute that. It’s a full on job with no paycheck. It has become the closest thing we have to slavery in America.

That might be a little bit of an over statement but not by much, to be quite honest.

Athletes have to get up early in the morning for weight lifting, which usually takes an hour, then they have to take a shower and get some breakfast. Shortly after that, they have to go to class because they can’t schedule their classes in the afternoon like the rest of the students so most athletes have all their classes before 12. They have positional meetings before practice and then have 3-4 hours of practice. Most teams have meetings after practice so they probably won’t get out until 8 or 9 and some athletes have more classes after that.

That’s a full time job with no room for a second. Imagine doing that 4-5 times a week and getting no money. Many players couldn’t even attend their school without the financial aid they get get from being on the team. It’s slavery in every way but calling it so.

Colleges need to pay these athletes. They’re doing difficult and time consuming work for an institution who could care less about them.

Student Athletes do the same thing professional athletes do. The reason why people go to college sporting events is to ultimately come to see the athletes. They don’t come for the deans, counselors, or other faculty. So why should they should get the majority of the profit.

Obviously it won’t be the same as pros but this would give young student athletes a reason to stay in school and get their education. That’s the reason why the NCAA is losing so much money and athletes so soon.

California has made the first step by allowing students to hire agents and negotiate merchandising rights for their jersey and likeness. But the NCAA as a whole needs to get on board and allow every student athlete to earn a fair wage and be able to do more than play for free.