New Upcoming Valorant Agent: Fade

As the end of April approaches, the release date for the newest Agent to be added to Valorant grows nearer.

Valorant players can look forward to the newest character addition to the game “Fade” as her drop date is estimated to be on either April 26th or April 27th. Which follows the ending of the current game’s season and leads into the newest season set to be released.

Although the Agent was hinted at during an update statement made by Riot back in March, the game company did not release many details regarding the agent. The only detail they mentioned was that the new agent should give players a more “intimate feeling when hunting down enemies.”. Which led to many players being curious as to what skill set this hinted character could bring to the field, especially when there are 18 other agents to choose from.

To many player’s delight, Riot Games decided to reveal the cinematic trailer and gameplay for Fade on April 24th, 2022. During the Masters Finals of the 2022 Valorant Champions Tournament that broadcasted across different platforms such as Twitch and Youtube.

In the reveal, it showcased gameplay of Fade’s skill sets and abilities. Along with the advantages of her abilities on the field in matches. With abilities that help her seek targets out, hunters that chase down enemies, and temporarily deafen opponents, it would appear that Fade will be a very powerful agent to have.