Steam Without Compromises: The Steam Deck

Back in July 2021, software company Steam announced that they were releasing its first ever handheld gaming console: the handheld Steam Deck.

When the public first got word of the new device, gaming fans held steam to a high standard due to their relation and background to video game company Valve. The hype only grew bigger for the new console when Steam announced that it doubled as a fully functioning PC on the go.

After a delayed December 2021 release, the Steam Deck became available for sale on February 25th with only limited units available. On March 7th, 2022, it was announced that the Steam Deck would continue to be for sale, however no new units would be put out until at least October 2022.

Those who were able to get their hands on one of the Steam Deck immediately had their deep thoughts about the console. People either thought it was an innovative new gaming tool or an unfinished buggy device.

The comparison of what people were promised versus what people were given has generated a divide among those who praise the Steam Deck and those who see it as another disastrous release in the gaming world.

The exciting features granted by the Steam Deck proved to be expansive. Apart from its anti-glare touchscreen and easy-to-use computer interface, the console grants owners access to graphics resolution control, complete internet/WWW accessibility, Linus and Windows compatibility, and full access to the Steam game library

There are some faults in the system that make parts of the Steam Deck experience incomplete.

YouTuber Linus Tech Tips has stated in a recent video that although high performance graphics on the go was promised, the Steam Deck had issues running standard open world games like Dark Souls and GTA V.

Not to mention, not ALL Steam games are compatible on the Steam Deck, only games with certain specifications.

Another issue pointed out was the fact that although the Steam Deck has decent downloading speeds, running a game while having something downloaded in the background will affect the function of the console significantly.

The Steam Deck is an innovative and exciting new step towards the future of gaming, however it is a gradual work in progress. In time, all the creases will be ironed out and the satisfaction of gaming will be taken to a new level.