Hold Pet Owners Accountable


Have you ever thought some people shouldn’t have pets? Well, I have. I believe if you own a pet you need to take full responsibility as if it were your child. If your dog did its business on someone else’s lawn, you are obligated to pick up after it. Same with the destruction of property.

For example, my neighbors on the street behind me have a chihuahua. It’s cute and all but it has a bad habit of biting the fence and provoking my dogs. My dogs are a german shepherd and a bull terrier. They aren’t hostile unless provoked. When the chihuahua first started biting the fence, my girlfriend and I went over and politely told my neighbors that their dog was biting the fence and about to break it.

They then tied their dog to a tree, but it wasn’t long until it got to the fence again. This time not only biting but head butting the fence. Once the fence started breaking, the chihuahua would peek its head into our backyard and start barking at my german shepherd.

My german shepherd is named Chop. Chop is a big teddy bear unless you make him angry. That’s exactly what their dog did. Both Chop and their dog would bark at each other, but their dog was the only one trying to force its way into our yard.

I went back to their house with my mother and my sister. We all politely asked them to do something about their dog because Chop might just kill the poor thing. Honestly, I don’t care what happens because I know Chop will be okay, but I don’t want Chop or my other dog Chico being put down for fighting back just because the chihuahua’s owner didn’t do anything.

Nonetheless, they did put the dog further back, but now there was a hole in the fence. I’m not sure if that was left there on purpose based on the fact that the lady sounded like she didn’t care and she said no to seeing the video I took of her dog biting and head-butting the fence.

We then left the hole there for two days to see if they would do anything but they didn’t. I mean it is their fence and all, but come on, fix it. Long story short, I ended up fixing the hole and nailing back some boards.

Some people really shouldn’t own pets if they don’t even care about them. So if there comes a time that this should be settled elsewhere, I believe in holding the owners accountable because their dog is the one provoking my dogs.