Opinion: Why Parents Should be More Open-Minded


Photo by Pixabay: https://www.pexels.com/photo/adult-affection-baby-casual-236164/

You know I’ve always wondered why some, not all, parents try to control their kids’ lives. What I mean by this is those strict parents. Those parents that tell their kids how to live, how to breathe, and keep their kids cooped up in the house 25/8.

I do believe that some of their actions are backed up by fear of showing their kids the real cruel world, but I know there’s a different way of going about that instead of keeping your kids locked up and not letting them have a good memorable childhood.

Going out and having a life of your own is necessary and part of growing up. That doesn’t mean going and making bad decisions, but it means doing something for yourself. If you have to learn the hard way then that’s how it’s got to be, but at least you learned by yourself and not with someone breathing down your back watching your every move and telling you what to do.

Controlling and living through your child can cause multiple problems in their early life and even in their teen years. Especially when you’re talking to them only to tell them what to do or what they are doing wrong. One of the problems that can occur is fear of failure because you being the parent are setting high standards for them and if they do not meet them you discipline them and make them feel bad. The child doesn’t just take it as discipline but as rudeness.

This is just a stressful childhood that can later build to hate while you’re stuck thinking it’s going to make them better. In reality, it slowly creates a barrier between the both of you.

Take me, for example. I grew up inside most of the time because my parents never let me out. Now don’t get it twisted I love my parents with all my heart, but I do hate that I didn’t grow up like the rest of the kids that got to go out with their friends and have a good time making memories. Instead, I was in the house 24/7 (well not 24/7 because I had a few tricks up my sleeve, but I won’t talk about that here).

I believe a way to let your kids have freedom is by letting them go out and explore the world, at least with a group of their friends so that you, being the parent, know their parents as well. So basically get to know who their friends are and who their parents are.

Heck if you still don’t trust your kids there’s an app called “Life360” that “tracks” your kids’ footsteps. I am just trying to say do whatever is necessary to meet you and your kids’ needs so that they have a great childhood. Please loosen up your grip on your child’s life and let them make their own mistakes, let them enjoy their lives.