Bishop Snow Review


Photo by Kerry Frances:

That old-school flow is back, baby! The latest album released by Bishop Snow titled “Bury Me a G” screams old school. Some could even say real rap is back. On September 13 Bishop Snow released his album to the world which included these unique songs:

Not F****n’ Around
Loyal To the Game
If I Collapse
Woman Like You (Oceanside)
Raised In the Streets
Judge Me
Price 2 Pay
Jody & Yvette
Too Many Homies
Game of Life
Can’t Buy Time
Judgement Day

37 minutes of nothing but real street rhymes. When I first heard that Bishop Snow released his album, I was lying in bed scrolling through Instagram and I came across a snippet of “If I Collapse”. I automatically went to Apple Music to look him up and see if he came out with anything new. To my surprise, he sure did. He most definitely did not disappoint.

To me, I feel each one of these songs has a specific story to tell. The song that sounds the best in my opinion would have to be “If I Collapse.” I enjoy the lyrics as well as the beat that supports it.

Another one of my favorite songs from this album is “Too Many Homies.” The hook is cooked to perfection, as well as the beat alongside the lyrics. It depicts Bishop saying that he’s bled, and he has cried. I believe it is due to the fact of losing too many homies.

I believe the album as a whole is set up around street life, more specifically Oceanside, as Bishop Snow takes pride in being from that lovely city in California. He even raps about Oceanside’s beauty in his song “Woman Like You (Oceanside).”

Overall, this album is a solid 10/10 in my book, based on the fact that you don’t really hear good rap like this anymore. I highly recommend you go and give this album a listen.