An Interview with a Santa Claus


Stephanie Brewster

Santa at COS Visalia Campus

COS had an event filled with the Christmas spirit. A particular guest name Santa made it to the campus for free selfies with students. Santa was in his famous suit with a hat full of free candy canes to pass out. Santa enjoys the company at the College of Sequoias, including that of his elves, who are willing to help out. The elves help served small snacks and drinks and were willing to help with selfies. Students were allowed to have a free drink at the event. For anyone who missed out on this College of Sequoias event, check the text messages or go on Canvas to stay updated on future events on campus.

Stephanie Brewster: What are Santa’s thoughts this year for anyone wishing a good Christmas?

Santa: Life is precious. As long as anyone lives in the right places, anybody will always find a reason to be thankful, no matter what.

Brewster: How do we get on Santa’s good list this year?

Santa: Pretty much be good at others and treat others as anyone wishes to be treated.

Brewster: And what is Santa’s New Year’s resolution?

Santa: Spread even more cheer and joy, especially during these times.

Brewster: Since we are returning to school, what advice is for anyone having a tough time in college?

Santa: Continue to strive, as effort is more important than perfection.