Farewell From the Copy Editor


In all honesty I have been trying to come up with the words that I would like to describe my team here at the COS Campus Journal, but I simply do not believe words do my time here justice. Although it was short, the time I spent here and the connections I had made were some of the best ones I have ever made in my adult life.

Personally, I would like to thank our professor for the program Shalin Kennedy and the hours that she has put in with us but also her informational guidance during the school year. She taught me to inherit my skills and to truly put myself out there, because as she says “you may never know the day you catch someone on.”

I would also like to thank my classmates with whom I have shared the honor of sharing our makeshift newsroom/computer lab for this past semester. Your guys kind words and hard work can not be thanked enough and it was an honor to be able to edit your guys work. I know that all of you will go on to big things in your careers even if it strays away from journalism, with all the things we had to endure this past year and even in our journeys to this point I do not believe anything will stop up to getting to our final destination

Although I am disappointed that the Campus Journal is taking a temporary hiatus, I still highly encourage many of you to still follow local journalists and encourage the people around you to unapologetically be themself always. Even if people think they are crazy and their ideas wont work then hey, I promise you that I will be that one crazy curly headed journalist that goes out to do a story on it.

Jokes aside, personally I cannot thank the institution of College of Sequioas enough for letting this kid from Golden Way get the chance to write for a paper and get the opportunity to get one chance closer to his career goals. I will always be fond of COS and the memories it gave me, along with the staff as well. Thank you for not always having this students back, but many others as well. I plan on continuing my academic career at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo this upcoming Janurary and I hope that you all come to follow me along on my journey, as I plan on continuing my journalism career onwards along with my previous career paths.