COS Faculty and Students: Staying online or going back into the classroom?


Miguel Rodriguez

Bio Major Karina Martin

Normalcy is taking one step forward with the reintroduction of in-person classes across the country and here at COS. The spring semester of 2020 thrust everybody into online classes at a rapid pace, a change not many were expecting or used to. But a year and a half later, how have COS faculty and student’s opinions on online changed?

Bio professor Dr.Vineet Patel is very excited to return to the classroom and did so as soon as possible. He noted the negatives of going online as,

“students had a hard time focusing on lectures, and there were too many distractions at home. Attendance was also pretty poor for live lectures because students knew everything was recorded, and they could watch stuff later.”
And for him, the positives of in-person classes far outweighed the positives of online, hence his switch to in-person lectures. He noted,

“I think live lectures are better than recordings because that’s where you can stop me to ask questions or ask for examples.”
Bio major Karina Martin has had a different experience from Dr.Patel. She much preferred the switch to online and said that

“I felt more focused and comfortable in my own controlled environment during lectures, tests, and quizzes. I was excited to be back in the classroom, but it made me realize how much effort and energy it takes from me to be actually physically present rather than logging onto zoom.”

Computer Science major Juan Rubio felt he enjoys the best of both worlds. “It’s much easier having the classes I’m taking for credits not related to my major to be online and asynchronous.” But likes having his math classes and comp sci classes in person because “the environment and the classroom make me learn better.”
Political Science professor Juan Arzola, doesn’t seem too affected by the change.
Stating, “The sudden switch to online delivery of courses did not change my perspective, as I have been moderating courses since 2011.” He is only offering online courses this semester and believes that
“Given the current health crisis, online delivery is the safest, preferred approach.”
We are still in the experiment phase of returning to normalcy, and it is unclear when this pandemic will be truly over. COS will continue to offer both in-person and online courses for students to choose to their liking.