Opinion: Bad Drivers Should not be Driving


Amado Medrano

Amado’s Car. Original Photo

Do you hate bad drivers? Because I sure do. I just can’t seem to understand why some people do not know how to drive sanely. Honestly, it is not very hard to drive within the speed limit. My mother has been driving for 35 years and not once has she driven stupidly or badly.

She’s never gotten into any accidents or gotten any tickets. Why is that? Because she drives within the speed limit and doesn’t cut people off and laugh about it like a person I encountered the other day.

When I was on my way to COS, I was at an intersection and my light was green when I was approaching it. So I only braked a little bit, just in case anyone on my right was going to try to go in at the last minute. Sure enough, this black Tahoe decided to go in at the last minute, and completely cut me off, almost resulting in a car crash.

That really didn’t get me mad but what did was the fact that he turned back and had this big smile on his face like it was funny. Now I understand if you’re taking risks in your life to spice things up but when you are driving please do not take risks, as other people love and actually enjoy their life.

So if you are going to drive badly please do it on your own time, perhaps on an empty road where there are clearly no innocent civilians that could be harmed by your stupendous actions.

Another word of advice that I can not stress enough is please put down your phone when you are driving. I’ve been seeing too many people doing this lately and frankly, I can not stand it.

I was once told a sad story by one of my teachers back in high school about a family losing their child because they got rear-ended, I believe by a driver in a truck who was on their phone the whole time not paying attention and ended up killing the child in the back seat from the impact.

So please whatever it is that has you distracted on your phone can wait. Life is more important than a text message. If you think blowing stop signs, driving fast, and texting while driving makes you look cool, trust me, it doesn’t.

It makes you look like an idiot that sadly got their license. Stop putting others’ lives at risk because you can’t be patient. Please drive safely and responsibly, having a license is a privilege, not a right.