What Did COS Students Miss Most About Being On Campus?

Student Life

Photo of Crimsons Custodio

The College of the Sequoias welcomed students back for the Spring 2022 semester on Jan. 10, and the first few weeks of classes have now passed.

For the last four full semesters, many students were forced to take their classes online due to the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic.

Currently, classes at the College of the Sequoias are running in an online, hybrid, or fully in-person format. While we aren’t sure how the changing global climate will affect classes at COS, students are currently allowed to attend class in person.

Students can access any changes in the COVID-19 procedures through the College of the Sequoias website or the college’s social media accounts.

What Did COS Students Miss Most About Being On Campus?

“Everything. The whole social life and interacting with professors. There was a big disconnection between students and professors. It was just like you, by yourself, in your room.” – Daniel Aguilar, Student

“Honestly, just being around people. Just because of the computers and everything, I just couldn’t do it. And even having to wake up, I didn’t have the motivation, but now, I can wake up at 7 just to get here at 7:45 and I will do it. But to get on the computer, I wouldn’t.” – Elizabeth Sanchez, Student

“The normal student life, getting to interact with students, classmates, teachers, friends. I find that I learn more when I’m in person in class, and I have more of a drive to get my education.” – Crimsons Custodio, Student