The Hanford Renaissance Fair: Was It Even Worth Going?

Hannah Escalera
Medival flag hanging from the Old County of Kings Court House.

This past weekend, Hanford held its annual Renaissance Fair. Food, local vendors, and entertainers posted up on the Civic Center Park providing fun for families stopping by. However, with the fall temperature not quite kicking in yet fully and COVID being a lingering danger we must be cautious for, was it really going to this event?

Being an outside event, people who attended had the sun beaming on them for all day. Obviously, not many people were feeling this weather, as having to walk around looking at booths and standing in ridiculous lines waiting for foods and restrooms in the blazing heat is never a “fun” and memorable time for everyone.

Those looking to evade the sun’s wrath in the comfort of a nice cool beverage quickly learned that damage would ensue to their wallet due to the cursed laws of economics. When there is high demand for a product, what do vendors do? Raise prices. In the end, attendees (without hesitation) were willing to pay whatever price was posted, as long as they could do something to briefly avoid the heat. Blowing out $5 on a Gatorade wasn’t the highlight of the family Ren Fair trip.

Thermodynamics wasn’t the only science visitors had to battle. Walking around in scorching heat, no one wants to wear a mask, even though you SHOULD and it is HIGHLY encouraged. Not to mention, the Delta variant spikes boosting cases in our state. People felt that they should ignore the pandemic, and act as if nothing was happening. People walking around with no masks amidst a global pandemic while they are acting like common people from the 17th Century isn’t exactly the best idea in the entire history of ideas.

Apart from the juicy turkey legs, intense jousting, and local vendors that attracted many attendees’ eyes, the 2021 Hanford Renaissance Fair was an event that didn’t follow in the footsteps of past Hanford Ren Fairs. The pandemic plays a huge part in the Fair’s lack of a “fun” environment, but hopefully things will change within the near future. For now, mask up, stay safe, and have fun!