Celebrate the Halloween Season at Vossler Farms!


Ashley Cortez

Pumpkin Patch at Vossler Farms

Fall has officially begun in the Central Valley and with that comes a beloved tradition for the citizens of Visalia.

Every year, Vossler Farms Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze opens during the Halloween season. Along with it comes their well-known pumpkin patch, enormous corn maze and terrifying Field of Screams.

This year, they celebrate 22 years in Tulare County. The farm opened Saturday, September 25th and many people showed up to enjoy the fun.

One of those to show up is Alfonso Morales, who said, “I felt safe seeing as most people were wearing masks and keeping distance from people within groups outside of their own… [and] the prices were all reasonable when it came to pumpkins or the activities. The only prices a bit unreasonable were the food vendors, but that’s to be expected.”

Halloween proves to once again withstand the limitations of the world’s current state, especially within the valley. Many groups of people showed up to support the local farm. It ended in a good customer turnout on opening weekend.

Another to show up to the farm is Benjamin Rosales, who took the time to buy a pumpkin. He stated, “I enjoyed my time at the pumpkin patch. I spent time with my friends and that always helps my mood.”

Vossler Farms provides a nice getaway from the stresses of life, without breaking the bank. The farm’s open fields should calm any fears for those who may still be a little wary about going out.