Make Campus Parking Free for Students


Louie Vale

Day Parking can cost $2, semester parking is $25, however a single parking ticket can cost over $35.

Nayeli Vargas, Reporter

The answer is no. Always no. Especially when you are a student that already pays for tuition and books out of pocket.

I’m a 20 year old student who is working full time all while trying to get my degree. I come to class two days out of the week for one hour. Why should I have to pay $25 a semester to park in a space for 2 hours a week – especially at a community college. I understand that this situation avoids people leaving their cars parked at the school and other dangerous situations, however, students should not be charged.

I know I’m nagging over $25. I’m aware that parking permits at 4 year universities are over $200 a semester and this is why I am speaking up.

Daily parking permits are $2 a day. Let’s say one day I am running late, I forget to buy a permit. I come back from my 50 minute class and I have a $35 parking violation waiting for me on my windshield. Let’s face reality – I’m a busy student and its midterm week. Upon my thousands of deadlines, I forget to pay my fine of $35 within the 21 days and now I have a $70 ticket.

Let’s weigh out our choices.

You pay the $25 parking permit, and MAYBE you will get a parking spot. Majority of the time, you are following other students – whose class just ended – to their car and hope no other person takes the spot. Either way, it is a 50/50 chance to get a spot and get to class on time.

I guess parking permits are just that little annoying thing that ticks me off. But as a college student, I pay fees upon fees upon fees and I feel like a parking permit to park at a school I ATTEND is not fair.