What Are Your Favorite Things To Do In The Fall?


Ayris Zamudio

“My favorite things to do in fall are going to the pumpkin patch because it’s so cute, and I like going shopping because all the clothes are cute.” Hannah Putnam, 18, History Major

Ayris Zamudio, Reporter


“My favorite thing to do in the fall is read, drink some coffee, play the guitar, and eat pumpkin seeds.” Taz Schrader, 19, Criminal Justice Major


“In the Fall I like to enjoy the weather and keep it chill with the boys because it is cool weather, you know not too hot and not too cold.”
Ezra Sisk, 18, Agricultural Technology Major


“My favorite things to do in the fall are going to the gym, and watching a ton of movies, and I also like to go and check out the pumpkin patches.”
Caleb Yanez, 18, Nursing Major