All of Us Are Dead: Review



All of Us Are Dead is an adaptation of the “Now at Our School” webtoon that has 130 episodes.

The webtoon was published from 2009 to 2011 and written by Joo Dong-Geun.

The Netflix adaptation is made by JTBC, a broadcasting station in Korea. The show is written by Chun Sung-il and directed by Lee Jae-gyu. It was first ordered by Netflix in April 2020 and started filming in August 2021.

A group of teens watch their school become invaded by zombies. This zombie invasion expands to their city which leads to Marital Law being declared in their city. The group moves around to many different classrooms throughout the building before they head over to the roof.

Meanwhile, the military tries to figure out how this epidemic works and figure out its cure.

Three months later, it seems like the epidemic has reduced a little with Hyosan residents being let go out of the quarantine zone a little. It ends with the survivors in the campfire on the roof of the school.

Another great entry into the zombie genre from South Korea. The thing that worried me the most was the fact this was based on a webtoon.

Webtoon adaptations, for me, always lean towards glamorizing toxic romantic relationships or horror with laughably bad CGI. This show avoided what I didn’t want to see and focused on what a group of teenagers would do during a time like this.

The thing I hate is how Gwinam is literally like a roach with a very hard exoskeleton. No matter how much he screws people over, he will never ever die which I hate. I’d hope that he was bit and it’s over for him. He ended up being the first asymptotic person with the Jonas Virus.

As for Eunji, her need for revenge is understandable and is what a real life teenager in 2022 would like to the people that harm their mental health. It would’ve been interesting to see her cause more chaos in the quarantine zone or go against Gwinam. Sadly, it never ended up being that way which is a bit disappointing.

This show is clearly based on the COVID-19 pandemic.

Never in a zombie related thing, have we ever seen an asymptomatic person with a zombie virus.

In All of Us Are Dead, we have three: Namra, Gwinam, and Eunji. Seeing a person with no strong desire to harm others over constant harassment or a person that never harms people for pleasure is an interesting thing to see.

As we have a season 2 confirmed, we might follow Namra as the plan is to follow the zombies instead of the survivors.

Seeing the asymptomatic concept being inspired by our current pandemic, will we see multiple waves of zombies as the city had more zombies after the bombing? When focusing on the zombies themselves, will we ever see Namra alone or have a new group of asymptotic people that will join her?