Nature Around Campus: The American Robin

American Robins up in the tree tops.

The American Robin’s diet consists of insects, berries, and earthworms. Sometimes, you can find them scrounging for worms in grassy areas like backyards.

Young Robins are taken care of by both parents for 14-16 weeks. Robin’s eggs are light blue and usually come in sets of four, three, or seven. After hatching the young open their eyes five days later.

During the winter large flocks of them form to find food sources, and they migrate south. But in the spring they come back. During spring and early summer Robins sing in the early morning before first light.

How to spot them: Look for birds with an orange belly, a gray back, yellow beak, and a dark brown head.

The American Robin can be found in trees, roaming around on the ground, or even in buildings.

Make sure to keep an eye out because nature is all around!