What Does Valentine’s Day Mean to You?


Jordyn Williams, Reporter/Photographer

Valentine’s means spending time with the people you love whether it’s family members, friends, or your significant other. “  -Dominique L. Hernandez, 20, Kineseology
“I feel like it means you love and actually show that you love them even if it’s the only day I get roses from my boyfriend.” – Kassandra Sanchez, 20, Communication Major
“Valentine’s day to me means that it is just a day where is should be full of love and appreciation towards your partner”  -Esmeralda Soto, 18, Psychology and Sociology Major
“Honestly I don’t know what Valentine’s Day means honestly but I feel like it’s a day you really, really show you can go all out for your family or significant other.”  -Daniela Gallardo, 19, Criminal Justice Major
“ People honestly don’t know the true meaning of this holiday but even though it’s filled with chocolate balloons, teddy bears, I hope people don’t forget that you can do this all the time. It’s an amazing holiday but I feel as if we should do this for the people we love all the time or often”  -Luis Lopez, 19, Kinesiology Major