Spy X Family Episode 3 Review

This article contains spoilers for the third episode.


The third episode of the series aired recently, the episode had a bit of a change in pace from all the action we’ve seen. It also used the first few minutes to recap what we’ve witnessed during the two previously aired episodes.


As the episode begins, we see Yor moving into the Forger house where Loid and Anya are staying, as she prepares herself mentally to appear as normal as possible and not to reveal her true identity or job.


The episode had a more focused approach on showcasing Loid and Yor’s adjustment to playing the role of parents to Anya. With a lesser focus on both their other respective jobs as an assassin and spy. 


As they are all trying to get adjusted to being a family now, we get to see Yor and Anya humorously struggle to answer normal mock questions that Loid is asking, in attempts to prepare for the upcoming enrollment interview. As a result, the mock questions session does not go over well.


In order to get the concept of being a family, the Forgers decide to go out to various areas and attend public events together. We get to see them together watching an opera performance so they can be involved in the traditions of regular upper class families, along with visiting a museum to gaze at the artwork along the walls, going to the tailor, taking a family photo, and lastly, attending an outdoor political event.


 Although the happy family outing is going smoothly, it wouldn’t be an episode without a little action towards the end. After the Forgers leave for a nearby park to take a break, they witness a thief stealing an old lady’s purse out of her cart. Witnessing such an event, Yor can’t help but to chase after the thief, running downhill and leaping over fences to get to the thief. While that happens, Loid also makes a run for the thief, attempting to utilize his skills as a spy to locate them.


Shortly after that event ends, we get to see the Forgers be closer together as a family, with them being able to adjust a bit better to their parental roles. The outing also gave them an opportunity to understand just what an upper class family is, which may benefit them when the interview for enrollment happens.


The episode also concludes with a new and pretty ending animation, featuring the Forger family dancing and having a generally great time with each other. The colors like the opening are also vibrant, sparkle effects are also visible on screen too.