COS Hosts Zoom Social Hour

To everyone’s demise and excitement, a calculus book with over a thousand pages was crowned the winner.


Students at College of the Sequoias have the opportunity to socialize with their peer’s thanks to an event put forward by the student senate. For an hour, those in attendance are able to get a taste of the college experience.

The Student Social Hour was hosted by student president Jasmine Hanson and Student Trustee Noor Ali.

During the zoom, a scavenger hunt took place; with participants searching around their rooms for a book with the most amount of pages. To everyone’s demise and excitement, a calculus book with over a thousand pages was crowned the winner.

A comedy sketch video about the technical difficulties of Zoom calls was shown; with many of the scenarios being relatable.

Discussions on various topics also took place including how students keep up with the immense amount of coursework required for their classes. Individuals shared the best ways they keep up, noting that it is important to communicate with your professors regularly.

COS student Christina Cuniff said that she stays ahead with a calendar on both her phone and her laptop. She also extended an invitation to anyone that would like to join the Young Democrats Club; meeting on Wednesdays from 3 pm-4 pm.

Returning pupil Michele Bass expressed that the college should extend its tutoring services to broader subjects such as business and social sciences. She also spoke up and asked if there was a club for older students; as coming back to school later in life has its challenges and rewards. At this time, the college does not have such an organization; but student president Jasmine Hanson assured Bass that clubs were welcoming to all.

While Tuesday’s group seemed exclusive, it was a great way for students to get to know the faces currently attending COS.

This is only the first of several twice a month zoom meetings. The next event will be held on March 5th, from 2 pm-3 pm.

If you are interested in joining the Young Democrats Club, please contact Marla Prochnow at [email protected] for more information.