Huge Comeback Win Versus Golden West Keeps Giants Undefeated


Jordyn Williams

The Giants bringing it in for a huddle against Marin. (1/20/2020)

Julian Carrasco , Reporter

The COS Baseball team remains undefeated after a comeback win over Golden West.

Before the game, Coach Jody Allen gave a speech to the crowd that the Golden West Head Coach Bert Villarreal was retiring.

“Me and Coach Villarreal have been competing for 20 years and he’s retiring after this season so I wanted to gift him a COS hat to throw darts at,” Coach Allen says jokingly as he hugs Coach Villarreal.

Left handed pitcher Cade Sakamoto was on the mound for the Giants, coming in the game with a 2-0 record pitching with an ERA of 3.94. It became a rough couple innings for the LHP, giving up 5 runs by the 6th inning.

The Giants didn’t come alive until the 6th inning when outfielder Donte Valdez had a 3 run single making the score 5-4, Golden West. This wasn’t possible without key base hits from Andrew Valdez, Derek Harris and a walk at-bat from Issac Gonzalez.

The Giants had a big 7th inning tying it up with a stolen base at home from Flavio Perez making it 5-5. An RBI single from Elijah Munoz turned it around, making it 7-5, but the Giants weren’t done there. With an 1/RBI single from Payton Allen and a 2 RBI single from Donte Valdez making it his second RBI of the game, closing the inning at 10-5 Giants.

Coach Jody Allen started the last inning with a pitching change, putting in closer Jordan Hammer, a right handed pitcher from Fowler. The inning became rough for the closing pitcher, giving up 3 hits making it bases loaded with 2 outs. The next batter in the lineup hit a grand slam, making it 10-9, a close one in the last inning. Barely hanging on with only one more out to win, Jordan Hammer redeemed himself pitching a ground out saving the win.

The Giants remain undefeated with an 8-0 record in the beginning of spring.