Finding Your Heritage Habitats: New Art Gallery Display

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Finding Your Heritage Habitats: New Art Gallery Display

Melodie AubinElliot, A&E Editor

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Heritage Habitats went on display Oct. 3 marking the Art Gallery’s second exhibit of the Fall semester. The exhibit showcased the works of Ginger Owen and Vicki Vanameydan’s Heritage Habitats, a collaboration of mixed media graphics.

The two Michigan natives’ art evokes a feeling of heritage and pride in the three-piece installation exhibit derived of mixed media xerox transfers.

Kites, pricing at $2,500, is a large corner piece that featuring a little girl’s dress attached to several flying kites, metaphors for family and heritage. The span of the images is from present to past family with some of the images dating back decades.

The second piece, Hankies priced at $1,560, is a wall of vintage, antique handkerchiefs that have the same xerox transferred images, a beautiful display of cultures.

The third piece, Waterways priced at $2,500, is treated, and colored fabric hanging on the wall that resemble an almost Japanese form of fabric dying. It has no images or transfers, so it is a vastly different element to the show. Waterways can be described as a way of viewing implications of colonialism and immigration.

Ginger Owen is a professor of photography at Gwen Frostic art school in western Michigan, her art has been shown in N.Y., Japan, as well as the Getty. Owen’s artwork derives imagery from narratives and themes of family, history, race, gender and culture. Her interdisciplinary practices include installation, sculpting, digital and traditional non silver photographic processes.

Vicki Vanameyden has a concentration in printmaking, her art has received several grants and scholarship merit awards. She loves using image as metaphor for the human condition, Vanameyden navigates through the empathy required in deciphering what it means to be a person in the singular and in the collective sense.

The collaboration has a certain mood, and the partnership was very in sync.

The Heritage Habitats display will be up until Oct. 25 for viewing Tuesday-Thursday 11am-4pm or Monday and Friday by appointment.

The next show with works by Suzanne Dittenber, another visiting guest opens Nov. 5 to Dec. 6.