COS Students Get 50% Off All Food Services on Campus


Photo via COSGiant on Twitter

College students tend to struggle with having a proper meal before managing their day.

Reasons may be because students do not have the money to pay for specific meals for the day. Luckily, there are many meals a student can purchase for half-off prices on campus, the College of the Sequoias offers half-off food for those who bring their student ID when purchasing.

Not only that, but the college cafeteria provides options to students who enjoy either meatier meals or fresh green meals. All of which cost little to purchase, so students should take the opportunity to get themselves proper food.

Some of the meaty options include burgers and fries meals that are cheaper than that of a burger you’d buy at any local restaurant or fast food location.

Most combos for fast food are around $10 for a combo, but COS has these similar combos for students at a low $6 cost.

As for vegan meals, most restaurants have protein bowls and other meals that reach similar prices to fast food chain combos. The COS campus on the other hand has a menu that varies from vegetable-based mixtures and salads for students who have these dietary restrictions.

COS has yet to announce any changes to this discount and any information about how long this opportunity will last.

The potential long withstanding times of COVID-19 and limited staff on campus likely means that this will last a few semesters longer to provide students with more benefits.