Discussing The PSVR 2

With the year in the running, video game industries are in the process of developing newer systems. A particular development that Sony created in 2016, was the Playstation Virtual Reality, a game headset-based type of gaming system that someone could actively interact with the game from a first person point of view. Yet since the year that the first VR system came out for Playstation, Sony has been identified to be releasing a new Playstation Virtual Reality system. It is important to note for those looking to own the new virtual reality system would need to have a Playstation 5 in order to use the PSVR 2.

The PSVR 2 is likely to be released with higher quality and equipment that advances the contents of the previous system. The system has a resolution of 960×1080 which is close to the second highest quality video that can be observed on Youtube or other video media. The difference in the technological growth for the PSVR is that it has a resolution of 2000×2040, which exceeds the visual aspect of the original. After years of Playstation gamers using the original PSVR, it’s interesting to see what will come out of the newer model of the virtual reality system. The only deal with the PSVR 2 that matters more to the concepts of newer games is not particularly what the previous version had in comparison but how well the PSVR will compete with other VR developers.

The PSVR 2 is supposed to be connected to the console so it is only sensible for it to be on a cord at all times. The difference being that the Quest is a self performing system and the PSVR 2 is required for only the PS5 and no other console versions. Playstation is in a constant state of competition between other companies. Many of the PC variety have developed systems such as HTC Vive, Facebook(Meta) Oculus, and the Valve Index. Based on IGN’s displayed format of how the quality of the PSVR is supposed to be may result in higher quality and performances than any of the currently new VR systems. This then makes the PSVR 2 a system that is still good enough for those who are looking to play their games.

So in the grand scheme of things, Sony is keeping up with the changes of the year, but simultaneously only operating with the newer versions of their own console. Although this may cause a flaw because of limitations, the quality and performance as a whole applies a lot to the advancing systems of gaming. Though Sony has not yet released any announcements on the release of the system. It still grows with anticipation for gamers all around who enjoy the virtual world that has been given to them.