4 Companies That Will Pay for Your Higher Education

More and more companies are adding educational programs to their employee benefits. This is a big deal for you and me!

Big corporations seem to have worked their way into the smallest towns all over! While small businesses are essential, these corporations bring an opportunity not often given to you while working for local businesses.

According to the Harvard Business Review, institutions benefit from collaborating with companies as well. They gain credibility, and local interest, and are able to expand their projects. They do it by setting up short or long-term agreements and sending employees to the chosen college. 

All the information below was found directly off of the company career websites also stated below.

  1. Chick-Fil-A – chick-fil-a.com

This well-known company has a tuition discount program that is offered for more than 100 different colleges, meaning way more opportunities for customization! You can view the full list of colleges by visiting their tuition discount page on their career website. 

Here you will also find that they have an amazing scholarship program by the Remarkable Futures Scholarships initiative. Every year they choose Chick-Fil-A employees to receive the $25,000 scholarship!

  1. Target – target.guildeducation.com

According to their website, certain programs at Target could be fully covered. And upon further inspection, Target’s Guild Education website specifies “100% tuition covered for select undergraduate and master’s degrees, certificates, boot camps, high school completion, and college prep.” 

Additionally, Target will cover $5,250 per year for undergraduate degrees and $10,000 per year for master’s degrees that are through the Guild catalog. 

While in the program, your books could also be paid for depending on your chosen school. It is also worth noting that the book reimbursement may have a cap that will only pay for a certain percentage. 

  1. Starbucks – starbucks.com

I feel like we all know Starbucks covers your college, but how much? And under what circumstances? Well, it has to be your first Bachelor’s degree, so those of you with a prior one is disqualified, and like most places, only the tuition is covered. 

Starbucks is also college-specific, so your BA has to be earned at Arizona State University. Fortunately, they offer over 100 different degree programs through ASU. 

Not sold yet? To honor veterans Starbucks gives them the opportunity to extend their college plan to a family member, including all of the benefits. Plus, if you don’t qualify for the plan, they will pay for 10 college classes to get you into the program!

  1. Amazon – aboutamazon.com

Most of us are aware that Amazon provides the most jobs in the U.S. I think most of us are unaware that they will pay for 100 percent of employees’ education including costs outside of tuition. 

More phenomenal, they will continue to pay for ANY education you desire while you are employed until you retire! This can take effect just 90 days after being hired. 

This is the end of my list, however, it is nowhere near the end of the list for companies that will pay for your education. The opportunities are constantly growing, and right now some companies you visit regularly pay at least a part of their employees for higher education. 

Now you know a few places that could cover your tuition. I don’t know about you, but these opportunities sound amazing to me. 

(A correction had to be issued at the former number five spot, in which a previous version of this article published on 9/12 stated that hobby lobby reimbursed tuition, however, it was confirmed with hobby lobby representatives and on their website that this is not the case.) 


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