Who is Devin Nunes?

Eric Galan

“I know he’s a California Politician. Maybe a Governor?” -Juan Gutierrez, 19, Studio Arts Major

Eric Galan, Editor in Chief

Devin Nunes (R) is the California 22nd District Representative which includes Tulare and Fresno Counties. In the community Nunes has been a favorable choice serving valley districts for the past 16 years. He is a COS Alumni and served on the COS Board of Trustees.

In the past Nunes has gained national attention from his controversial acts during the Trump Administration as well as his race against Andrew Janz in the 2018 midterm elections.

Nunes has recently gained international attention for being the senior ranking member of the Trump Impeachment hearings as well as his speeches that have been seen as conspiracy theories and antagonistic to the hearings goal.

But do COS Students know who Devin Nunes is or why he’s in the spotlight right now?

Of the 10 students randomly selected 9 knew Nunes was in politics, 5 knew he was a congressman, 3 knew for which house, and no one knew he was involved in the Trump Impeachment Hearings.

Eric Galan
“I don’t follow politics but [Nunes] is a conservative republican. I saw him once on a school trip and he talked a lot about the drought.”
-Connor Doff, 19, Criminology Major
Eric Galan
“I don’t even know what to guess. I know he’s important though.”
-Elijah Gonzales, 20, Music Major
Eric Galan
“Oh gosh. I know he was running for something but I don’t know what. I think he was trying to do something important and pass something about immigration?”
– Jess B. 25, Nursing Major
Eric Galan
“I know we was a representative for California. But I don’t know more than that.”
-Ana Ibarra, 29, ESL Major
Eric Galan
“He’s our local congressman for the House of Representatives. We elected him last year. I don’t know why he’s important right now.”
-Christian Sanchez, 23, Electrical Engineering Major
Eric Galan
“He’s a congressman for the Central Valley and he’s trying to bring something back to the Central Valley.”
-Ray Rodriguez, 18, Criminal Justice Major (Left)
“He’s a congressman from the Central Valley but I don’t know which house. I’m not sure why he’s important either.”
-Josh Benavidez, 18, Kinesiology Major (Right)
Eric Galan
“[Nunes] is a California County Representative who has a connection to the census, I think?”
-Ivan Jimenez, 18, Dental Hygiene Major
Eric Galan
“I know he’s a political person running for something. I think he was trying to help the Central Valley.”
-Skyler Lindbeck, 18, Psychology Major