When You’re Having a Bad Day, What Helps You Feel Better?


“Puppies always make everything better. It’s hard to be in a bad mood petting a puppy.” Skyler Lindbeck, 18, Psychology Major

“Food makes everything better.”
Leslie Lozano, 18, Sociology Major
Megan Warner
“Listening to music is a definite mood changer.”
Miranda Salazar, 19, Teaching Major


“Writing out my feelings helps put me in a better mood.”
Kaitlin Garcia, 17, Criminology Major
“Spending time with friends can turn a bad day into a better one.”
Madison Reyna, 17, Criminology Major
“Spending time here at the Grind is always a good time. I am always in a good mood here.”
Antonio Hernandez, 23, Child Development Major
“Spending time with my miniature pinscher always brightens a bad day.”
Destiny Tunac, 17, Nursing Major


“Binging on Netflix seems to make any problem go away.”
Kaitlynn Williams, 18, ASL Major
“Spending time with friends or family always helps make me feel better.”
Kristin Princesa, 15, Undecided Major
“Calling or texting my friends helps me feel better.”
Angelica Garcia, 15, Undecided Major