Enjoy A New Iteration of Wii Sports for Switch

Amongst Nintendo’s release of new games for the beginning of this year, Nintendo will bring their players a new and improved version of Wii Sports to the Switch: simply titled Nintendo Switch Sports.

Nintendo Switch Sports has been announced to be released on Apr. 29, 2022. The new release to this beloved series will feature new visuals and additional sports to compete in.

Visually, Switch sports will feature unique and colorful themes with larger maps and environments. The playable characters known as “Miis” have gone through a change in looks as they are more human-shaped and acquire arms and legs, which were not features in the old school Mii designs.

The switch will have a new selection of sports on their game along with many of the Wii Sports games in their series. These sports include Badminton, Volleyball, and Soccer (which is a new addition to Nintendo’s Sports genre).

The best part of it all is that, due to Nintendo’s increase in motion detection from the JoyCons, a game of soccer can be performed with the use of a player’s leg using the new leg strap accessory.

The leg strap accessory can be purchased with a physical copy of the game or bought separately for digital copies.

Nintendo Switch Sports will also be compatible with local or online gameplay, which is a first for the series. Now, players can not only compete against friends and family locally, but they can also play with other unknown players from anywhere around the globe.