A New Mario Strikers Game Charges Onto Switch

Nintendo has brought another Mario game to the much beloved Super Mario series, Super Mario Strikers: Battle League.

This game is a brand new version of the previous two Mario Strikers games from 2005. With the upgraded system, Nintendo has provided newer looks and gameplay additions to the Switch.

Nintendo has announced Super Mario Strikers to be released on June 10, 2022. Not only that, but the game is currently available on the Nintendo Switch Store for fans to preorder.

The game will feature a two sided split screen competition style game with five members on each team, including both local and online gameplay modes.

Whether the player prefers to play the game with those in their household or online friends, Mario Strikers provides a huge opportunity to play.

As for the actual gameplay, there will be a ton of new characters added compared to the first games.

While the original iterations included a total of 8 well-known characters, Battle League gives the players up to 30 characters choices with each one having their own stats.

With Nintendo’s uniqueness in improving older games and creating entertaining actions to perform in their games, Strikers is a game worth waiting for.