Nintendo Direct: Feb. 9, 2022

As of Feb. 9, 2022, Nintendo has presented the new year with a large selection of new games for players to enjoy.

Nintendo Direct is Nintendo’s outlet for news and updates on current projects and games, ranging from games that have yet to be rated to the mature variety of games.

This year, Nintendo was able to bring Switch players classic games that weren’t previously on their systems, featuring a variety of games that have only ever been on other consoles and PC systems.

Out of Nintendo’s large variety of games, their classic duos such as Kirby and Super Mario will have been given new games to look forward to.

The classic Mario games that have varied from platformers to competitive games have now gotten another sports game added to their roster.

Nintendo will now be bringing a new iteration of soccer to the Mario Sports collection with a game titled Super Mario Strikers: Battle League.

Not only that, but Kirby is finally getting another game, complete with better looks and gameplay. Kirby varies from platformer games and motion-control type of gameplay, only this game will undoubtedly have better performance than their previous games thanks to the capabilities of the Switch.