Review for What If… Series Episode 1

What If? Captain Carter Was The First Avenger. (SPOILERS)

The What If? Series from Disney has had an amazing populous of fans from Marvel. It’s a series that impacts a great boundary of the Marvel Universe and how there could have been changes to the world we know of the MCU.

The series begins with, “What if Captain Carter was The First Avenger?” where instead of the Captain America most viewers know to be Steve Rodgers, is replaced by Peggy Carter who worked as an agent. This first episode adds an interesting twist of events to the original storyline, as Rodgers is put in the hands of Howard Spark, the father of Tony Spark, a.k.a, Iron Man. This time Rodgers becomes the Iron Man, who they call the Hydra Stomper. Both Carter and Rodgers create a duo between each other that cooperate more than the original Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers characters.

This episode captures the change of events even based on the character’s quick choice. Carter and her group of soldiers go to the train on the side of the mountain to find some Hydra exports. The changes here from the movie are the events that occurred to Bucky Barns. Bucky originally falls from the train and into the frozen river between the mountains, yet in this episode Carter is able to catch Bucky before he falls, therefore saving him. One small event such as this can prevent a large-scale shift in existing characters, such as the Winter Soldier who will not exist as the original Bucky Barns as he was saved by Carter.

Although compared to most series of shows, this serie’s first episode is fast-paced. Most of the scenes are action-based without much plot or thorough examinations to really develop a high-rated episode. Along with strange character interactions that seem out of the original style of the movies. The movies show characteristics of scepticism and thorough reasoning as to the episodes in which some characters respond with snarky and sitcom-like responses.

As a whole, this episode does take an interesting shift in what we know to be the MCU. This episode makes new connections amongst characters and story that shift the overall timeline of the series. It’s interesting to think that there could be so many different changes to one story with one small step, such as catching someone a split second before falling to their demise. Although much of it is really quick and hard to retain some information, the visual side of the What If? Series is appealing to watch.

Rating: 7/10