Console War article


Jessica Botello

Keyboard lit up for gaming

Console Wars and the Best Device

From mobile games to personal computer games, PC games for short, we’ve all played some sort of game to pass time or destress from. These consoles play a big role in college life today due to covid, but which type of console is the best?

Well, between Xbox, PlayStation, and just buying or building your own PC, I think each has its own positives, but building a PC takes the cake.

Not only can someone get to design how their case looks, but they can continuously change how it looks or fix any part that stops working. With this in mind, a PC will outlast any console, which is a huge plus for college students.

Xbox and Playstation are cheaper in certain aspects, they range on average from $300 to $700 dollars, but a PC can range from $700 and up. The price may be a bit too high but it does last longer than other consoles.

There are exclusive games that are ‘only’ available to their respective console, but they can still be accessed on the PC. Another upside to owning this device is the fact that any of the other options can be connected to the computer and played on the computer as well.

All in all having a PC would be the best option for a college student, whether for class work or for gaming.