Virtual Haunts and Spooks You Can Visit from Home


The bone chilling halls of the Bran Castle Google tour.

Heather Raposo, Reporter/Photographer

During this COVID Halloween, you may be asking yourself how you are going to get a good scare in. Here are some virtual spooks that will get you shaking in your shoes.  

The Paris Catacombs

This labyrinth of underground tunnels in Paris, France was carved away during the 1700s to accommodate overflowing cemeteries. More than six million people were buried in the maze, which includes the ossuary that was used to construct a wall of remains (skeletons and bones stacked) from a closed cemetery. Take a journey on the free virtual tour that uses a 360 self-controlled camera.

Chernobyl Nuclear Plant 

This is f a free YouTube video recording done by a news team that toured the nuclear plant. However, it will still give you a good idea of what it would be like to walk the abandoned halls of buildings that have sat in an empty town for more than 30 years. In 1986, the community of Chernobyl, Ukraine was rocked with a nuclear disaster, when an accident occured at No. 4 Reactor. Twenty-eight people died shortly after the accident, but it’s been speculated that nearly 4,000 deaths have been attributed to the tragedy. This number doesn’t include the tales of mutations in animals that supposedly stalk the grounds, which contributes to the scare. 

Winchester Mystery House

This tour is one of the most interactive and encompasses quite a bit of choice. Yes, you will need to pay but you have some options. You can rent the video tour (stream for 72 hours $5.99) or you can buy the tour (unlimited streaming – anytime for $13.99). Additionally, Winchester now has a 360 immersive virtual tour available for $8.99 ( forever) and it gives you unprecedented access to the complete floor plan of the entire Winchester Mystery House. The house began construction in 1886, in San Jose, California by Sarah Winchester, heir to the Winchester Rifle Company. She felt she was haunted by those who died at the hand’s of her family made rifles. To appease, and confuse, the spirits she continued building on her house, creating a maze of doors that lead to nowhere and hallways that stop cold. The sprawling mansion is known in popular culture and is said to now be haunted by Sarah herself, among those spirits she was most afraid of. 

Salem Witch Trials Tours

The Salem Witch Trials Virtual tour gives you access to hundreds of buildings and sites around Salem that are historically important to the Witch Trials of 1692. Not all of the buildings are “virtual” and this tour is less about haunts and more about learning, so if you are interested in the history this free informational tour is for you. 

Bran Castle Google Tour

If you are looking for some international castle haunts, the free Google Tour lets you explore Bran Castle in Romania. The castle was the inspiration for the home of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The tour allows you to have 360 degree access to the inside and outside of the castles. Be warned, you may just get yourself lost in time. 

If you are macabre and need something a little more terrifying, here are a few virtual video tours that may be what you need to end your Halloween night with a scare.

Willowbrook State School, Staten Island

Willowbrook was opened as a state funded disabled children’s institute, in 1947. Several different theories lead to the haunts at this location. Namely the Willowbrook janitor who began to kidnap and murder children which leads to the urban legend of Cropsey. 

The Gundry/Glass Psychiatric Facility

The old 1880s Athol Building became a psychiatric facility in the 1980s. However, the dilapidated building has been left to rot and fall apart. Thus creating a scene out of a horror movie. It’s known for its creepy and terrifying appearance and for the spirits you may see along the way.  

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