Among Us: The Best App Game Since Angry Birds

Jordan Callison, Reporter

Among Us is a game that has taken the mobile world by storm. It is a murder mystery set in space. But this isn’t your average game of Clue

Released in 2018, the game has slowly gained popularity over the past few years and now there are an estimated three and a half million users worldwide. 

Among Us takes place on a spacecraft and you, along with other players, try to decide who among your party is the Imposter (the killer) in your crew.  

The game randomly selects players the roles of crew members and imposters. As a crew member, you walk around your ship and complete tasks while avoiding the imposter. As the imposter, you cause havoc to everyone aboard and attempt to kill off crew members without getting caught.  

It’s addicting, interactive, and fun. There is even an option to chat with the users you are playing with. You can also play with friends by entering a special code. 

The high replay value on the game makes it worth trying for several rounds. 

Among Us became so popular over the summer thanks to Twitch (a video game streaming service) that the developers of the game are holding off on a sequel so they can improve on what they have.

The app is available for free on the Android and iOS store, as well as for purchase on the PC gaming service Steam for $4.99.