Cuties: Commentary on the Controversy


Jordan Callison, Reporter

Millions are canceling their Netflix subscription as a form of protest over the release of the new movie Cuties. The film, which is being distributed exclusively on Netflix, caused controversy due to its subject matter with many believing that it sexually exploits young children. 

The film follows a young girl named Amy living in France who comes from a conservative household that longs to fit in with her peers. One day while doing laundry. she notices a girl from her school dancing suggestively while also straightening her hair with a clothes iron. Amy then becomes entranced in the world of dance and social media with her new group of friends. 

The movie is not terrible, and has sparked public interest as it peaked at number four on Netflix’s top ten list. 

The story, at its core, focuses on a young girl coming of age and the clashes that often happen when a person’s traditional upbringing mixes with modern culture.

While it does feature content that can make an individual uncomfortable, such as provocative dancing from the young actresses, the film does not have any nudity or sex scenes.  

Cuties stands out on its own as it is a harsh examination of society, much like 2019’s Joker movie with Joaquin Phoenix that examined mental health. It puts a spotlight on the effects of a sexualized culture and the influence it has on an impressionable youth.

Whether the reaction be negative or positive, the film has gotten people to talk; which is always the goal of an artist. 

Cuties is available to watch on Netflix, for now.