How Do COS Students Feel About Masks?


COS students vote for or against masks.

Nayeli Vargas, Opinion Editor

As coronavirus cases climb in the US, colleges are requiring students to wear face coverings when on campus, but are students fans of this policy? 

Forty COS students answered an Instagram poll, the majority voted that they did wear masks in public. Only three students (8%) voted that they did not wear nor like wearing masks in public. 

Student Martin Castro said, “A virus is stronger than a mask. Many say wear a mask, but for what? If you get sick it’s going to happen regardless of a mask or not.” 

Another student, Orlando Morales, said he has had family affected by the pandemic, “I choose to wear a mask not only because it is obligated, but because I want to protect my loved ones and prevent further spread.” 

As more information concerning COVID is released every day, students’ knowledge evolves with it. 

How do you feel about wearing masks? Let us know.