My Spooky Experiences with Psychic Ability


Elijah Perez, Opinion Editor

You know that feeling you get when it seems like someone is watching you? The feeling when your hair stands up on the back of your neck? The eerie feeling when you sense something is there without physically seeing it? I get that too, but for me it usually means there is actually something there, lurking.

Since I was young, I’ve had the ability to sense spirits or presences. My Dad and I used to live on our own and to say the house we lived in was haunted is an understatement. The paranormal activity in that house escalated so high that my Dad, who is not very religious, got holy water.

I, on the other hand, had to deal with the constant feeling of knowing the spirits were there, in the room, just watching. However, when I was younger I only felt their presence, I never saw them.

Later on though, spirits made themselves very obvious to me. One time, as I stared into a mirror after a shower, a hand print slammed right onto it before my eyes. Eventually, I did begin to see spirits. They always appear as black figures, which used to terrify me because of all the spooky stories you hear about shadow people and in my Native American culture they are seen as bad omens.

Now, I have learned the hard way that if a spirit is anything to worry about or has malicious intentions, you will know. I entered a house and instantly felt this intense heavy feeling, almost suffocating. The feeling was directly attached to a corner of the living room and I knew there was a spirit there with an extremely negative energy, you could sense the anger.

I wanted to leave, but to be polite I took a seat. The spirit did not like this at all as I realized it was attached to the chair. After I began to hear some low growls, I waited for my friend outside.

Most spirits don’t tend to frighten me anymore since I am somewhat accustomed to feeling their presence, but after that experience I know that angry spirits will very much so make themselves known.

Sensing spirits is not the only ability I experience as a psychic individual. I also utilize my sense of intuition essentially daily.

Anytime I get a phone call, I feel it coming before it happens. The caller’s name comes to mind right before my phone begins to ring. I do this with texts too, but with texts I typically just know to grab my phone versus knowing who it’s from.

I often get what I describe as “feelings,” for instance a choice might arise in my life and I feel one choice is the right way to go versus the other. I never know why in the moment, but later on I realize why. Once with a group of friends, we were at a restaurant and they all ordered meat products, but a feeling kept pestering me to go with a salad. They all ended up with food poisoning while I was fine.

Something else I experience a lot is having deja vu with conversations. I dream many conversations with people before I actually have them, some of them I remember and others I don’t recall until the actual conversation takes place.

Personally, having lived my life this way, I do believe in the supernatural realm and psychic abilities. Many dismiss it off as fantasy or a glitch in the matrix, but I don’t think you truly begin to give it a second thought until you actually experience strange happenings yourself.