5 Costumes You’ll Expect to See This Halloween

Are you wondering what people are going to dress for Halloween this year? Here are the top five things trending in pop culture today most likely to be worn. So expect to see these for Halloween.

1. Jeffrey Dahmer
Yes, I said that horrid name. Sadly he is trending all around the U.S because of the new Netflix series titled “Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story”. So sure enough I’m pretty sure there are going to be some kids that will be dressing up as him.

2. Stranger Things
I can assure you there are going to be various groups of kids dressing up as the group of friends in Stranger Things, especially after that new season we got this year.

3. Euphoria
I never watched this show, but when I was in high school earlier this year, “Euphoria” was literally the only thing anyone would talk about. Personally, it isn’t my cup of tea but I know it was trending, therefore it makes the characters great Halloween costumes.

4. Michael Myers
Now this one had to be evident as there is always someone dressing like him each and every year. Mans is a legend no doubt. He’ll most definitely be a costume because of the new movie that came out this month called “Halloween Ends”. Honestly just brings more light to the costume again.

5. Better Call Saul
My boy Slippin Jimmy will most definitely be a Halloween Costume as it came to a perfectly executed series finale this year. I believe we will see lawyer costumes or any character’s costume in the Breaking Bad universe this year.

To wrap up I hope we don’t see any Jeffrey Dahmer costumes out of respect for the victims and the victim’s families. As for the rest, dress away my people. Enjoy Halloween and don’t forget to check your candies for razor blades or drugs. If you have an opened candy in your bag just throw it away. Take no chances. Other than that trick or treat safely, please.