Our thoughts on the All-Star Weekend sneakers

Demetrios Turk and Samuel Sanchez


Sam: The Chicago flag colors match absolutely perfectly with this KD model. I am not a huge fan of any of the previous models, but Nike killed it with this Doc C Collab. If I had to cop some KD’s it would be these hands down. Let’s just say I will be up at 7 am pressing order over and over to secure my pair.



Demetrios: Antetokounmpo’s first signature model continues to lean in to the

“Coming to America” theme; based on the 1988 Eddie Murphy smash hit.

The first shoe with this theme, was black and featured leopard print on the upper and the name of the movie on the tongue. This sneaker is based off of a scene from the movie where prince Akeem is named,” =employee of the month,” and his uniform is the same flannel print featured on the sneaker. These are a solid addition to the line for Antetokounmpo, and the theme is starting to separate him from other athletes with signature sneakers.




Sam: Continuing Russel Westbrook’s signature line, this model is the Zero.3. Jordan Brand is pulling out the whole crayon box for this one. Featuring colors that looked like they were thrown into a blender, that drench the upper. This shoe will definitely catch people’s eyes. Let’s hope it is because they like them, and not because of any alternative reasons. JB is really running with Westbrooks “Why Not” persona and it shows. Overall I will be sleeping in the morning they release.



Demetrios: Not even the Gatorae collaboration can save this sneaker……

The fourth instalment of the Paul George line is technologically sound, featuring Air Strobel cushioning technology. The sneaker brings back Glove vibes based on Gary Payton’s signature shoe from the late 90’s. This shoe is really bad…. An all orange midsole was the worst possible idea for this shoe. Worse yet, PG didn’t even choose good gatorade flavors, where is the red and blue?



Sam: Heating up the All-Star Weekend, Nike is bringing out the “Trophies” Kyrie 6 consisting of mainly red and gold. This colorway not only brings out the sneakerhead in me, but the marvel head as well. With a price point at a breathable $130, these are an undeniable cop. Stock can either be high or low at this point, but i am not going to risk missing out on these hot kicks. All-Star Weekend, I will be saying rest in peace Iron Man, and rest in peace my wallet.




Demetrios: The Jordan 34 is actually a solid addition to the Jordan line. This sneaker is the best model to release in the Jordan line since they started back with the numerical system in 2013. The hints of hologram along the shoe really pull the shoe together. These are solid for on the court purposes.




Sam: A Lebron signature is finally getting a “Space Jam ” themed colorway! Let the hype commence! The last ‘Space Jam” themed sneaker, the Jordan 11 “Space Jam” is forever immortalized as the “Space Jam” shoe. A legendary player mashed with a legendary movie calls for another legendary sneaker. From Lebron stans to og sneakerheads, this shoe is for the culture. This is an absolute must have. I would cop 12 pairs without hesitation if possible. The Lebron 17 “Monstars” is a new age sequel, and this sequel holds up to the original.




Demetrios: A non-OG sneaker getting OG treatment normally irks me, but I am actually fine with this shoe. The addition of the Nike Air on the back, plus the low-cut elephant print along the toe box makes up for the non-OG colorway. The all-red upper makes the print pop. This is one of the better releases of All-Star Weekend.





Sam: This Jordan 1 “Unc to Chi” is for everybody…literally everybody. This is going to be released in size 4.5-15 in mens! Now although these will be up to grab for everybody, the stock is expected to be medium to low. I am not really wanting to put effort into this shoe as much as others, since Jordan Brand has been pushing out Jordan 1’s like hotcakes. I am slightly underwhelmed with this colorway, and will sleep through this release.