What If? Ep.3 Review and Reaction


In the third episode of What If? Series, the universe takes a path down a world where there were no Avengers. Similar to the original movie, Nick Fury is a character who created the Avengers by collecting and putting together a selective group of heroes to help protect the world. Which will most of the current movies after the first Avengers movie, is what lead to the great protectors of earth. Yet, this episode tells a story in which Fury was unable to put them together.

With this episode starting, we see all of the characters in the Avengers. Starting off with Tony Stark’s, Iron Man and ending with Natasha Romanoff’s, Black Widow. Progressively, we witness the death of every single one of these characters, even Bruce Banner’s, The Hulk, which is ideally a character who has yet to ever have been killed in any circumstance especially by Bruce Banner’s own hands. These kinds of events make viewers question anything that is happening on screen as well as shocking possibilities that almost seem impossible. These twists especially factor into how Nick Fury resorted to needing the help from a villain into finding out why the Avengers were dying, by trusting Loki, God of Mischief. Fury trusting Loki actually helped find out that the person eliminating the Avengers was Hank Pym, who many know to be the creator of the Ant Man. Even with this event, we learn that Scott Lang was never brought into the ties with the Avenger’s group. Yet, worse off, Fury made the agreement with Loki that he could rule Earth.

Earth lost its Mightiest Heroes in this episode, and entitles a world that is now controlled by a Loki who never lost because the Avengers did not exist to stop him. Each one of them killed off so quickly and easily because the man of science who created the ability to change size was capable of taking them all out. Creating a changing world in which Fury failed the world entirely in more ways than one. As well as this episode showing the strange alterations and motivations between characters such as Hank Pym whose whole purpose in doing this was to get back at Fury for causing his daughter Hope’s death. This episode was phenomenal and introduced amazing story twists that not very many viewers could figure out.

Rating 9/10