What Do You Miss The Most From Before COVID-19?


“I miss quite a few things about life pre-COVID, as I’m sure most of us all do. One of the things that I personally miss most about life prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 is being able to see the people that I love regularly and without restrictions. Seeing family members that live far away as much as one would like to is impossible. Frequent quarantining and the fact that people are still getting sick everywhere even now has made traveling a thing of the past for the time being. Things have gotten lonely sometimes, and it just makes one appreciate their loved ones and basic daily privileges even more. COVID has truly put into perspective how much we as a society tend to take the material world around us for granted sometimes, and also the widespread devastation of a lot of those businesses and resources in the material world being suddenly halted or taken away. I have gained a newfound appreciation for simple tasks like going to the grocery store, going clothes shopping, going out to eat, and much more. “

-Michaela Wotring, 18, Psychology Major