What is Your Favorite Coffee Shop Around Town?


Danielle Gallardo

“My favorite coffee shop is Component because they have great lattes and a very welcoming staff. They also have vegan options.”

-Steven Ramirez Major: civil engineering


“My favorite coffee shop is Starbucks because it is the best at times when you really need it. The employees at Starbucks are always amazing.”

-Danielle Gallardo: Major: dance

“My favorite coffee shop is Starbucks. It is my favorite because of the environment that it creates. It also gives you options to make the drink the way you want it. It’s fast (most of the time), and you have multiple options for ordering. You have a drive-through, you can walk in the cafe and order, and you can even mobile order your drink so it’ll be ready when you get there.”

-Sabrina Martinez: Major: Child development, Psychology, and ASL

“My favorite coffee shop is Jammin Java. They have a wide variety of choices and flavors. I like buying their frappuccinos because I can’t make them at home. They have affordable prices compared to other shops and they make my favorite drink.”

-Ashley Bean: Major: Chemistry