No More Black Friday Lines This Thanksgiving

Cassandra Ramirez, Sports Reporter

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. As we look to finish off this odd 2020 year, we slowly, but surely, approach the Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Thanksgiving is officially 10 days away and stores are fully stocked with turkeys, hams, pumpkin pies, and many other goodies that we see sitting on a feast table. Family gatherings, saying thanks, and watching Thanksgiving Day NFL games is what this day of thanks is all about. As giving thanks and hosting gatherings is tradition for many families, other family traditions are waiting in long lines bundled up for Black Friday sales.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 Black Friday in-person shopping is cancelled and is officially moved mostly online. Stores like Target and Walmart already have sales going on that will continue until Thanksgiving. According to, “Due to COVID-19, retailers are announcing that they will remain closed on Thanksgiving 2020.”

There are many positives that come with this announcement and the holiday vastly approaching. Employees that were scheduled to work Black Friday hours will now have the time to spend with family. A lot of employees like the idea of working this unofficial holiday, though the thought of Black Friday being entirely online is a bit of a change.

This year on Thanksgiving may seem strange with no shopping, but being able to spend time with family and friends is what matters the most. As Thanksgiving slowly arises, we will all start to get into the Christmas spirit as well, which is the last major holiday of the year.