Biden Would Have Handled COVID Differently: Biden Town Hall Meeting


Diego Castro, Podcast Editor

Joe Biden explained how he would have handled the pandemic, and it’s not how Trump handled it.

Last night, candidate Biden sat down with George Stephanopoulos for his town hall meeting in Philadelphia, airing the same time as President Trump’s town hall meeting.

The meetings acted as a replacement to a second Presidential Debate because the President cancelled the second debate with Biden.

During the one on one with Stephanopoulos, the former Vice President was asked what he would have done if he handled the COVID situation.

He first explained why he didn’t take action when COVID-19 first hit America. He said that President Donald Trump was informed of  COVID-19 and took no action whatsoever, and that no information was given to anyone at that time because Trump was hiding it from the public.

“We should be taking a hold of this as soon as we could,” Biden said. 

What Biden proposed was to open business again, but with the health regulations and safety tips to keep everyone safe, and limit the number of people working in those businesses. He believes this would help the people and give them what they need to keep the economy going, to provide the guidance that the American citizens need.

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