COS Students Air Grievances on Online Learning


Ashley Abbott, Social Media Editor

COVID-19 has changed how people live basic day to day life and has taken a toll on the COS student community.

When COVID-19 shut down schools in March, many thought it would be over in a few months. That reality of quick COVID containment quickly vanished along with all hopes of coming back to school.

“I was really motivated this year,” said freshman Tristan Diaz, “After just graduating high school I was excited and ready for a change of scenery getting to be at COS, but then we found out nobody would be coming back and my motivation went downhill.”

As a result of a continuing academic lockdown students have to find ways to cope with the stress of all online classes. 

Jonathan Harman, a Junior at COS who is also a student athlete stated that sometimes he feels like his life is “on hold” waiting for COVID-19 to pass. “I kinda feel stuck because I’m in school and playing football but for now all of it seems like… for what reason?”

This theme was found to be common throughout the student community. 

“Online learning at COS has not been the easiest. I feel less motivated and find myself procrastinating more,” said sophomore Taylor Kelton, “It’s difficult to feel like I have all of my school work lined up and in order.”

As infection rates skyrocket to now 14,816 total positive cases with 13,875 recovered in just Tulare County as of September 8, according to the Tulare County Health & Human Services Agency, everyone is quickly realizing that this may just be the new normal for a while. 

As for our COS students, Diaz, Kelton, and Harman all shared that they do feel better about the situation knowing that every other student is in the same boat.