New Normal Notebook


The Campus Staff

Zoom calls, political brawls, fashionable masks, and going outside is a questionable task.

In 2020, we have entered a new normal, Zoom calls are used for gatherings or work and school, complementing stylish masks is apart of casual outings, and being a couch potato is actually promoted.

The New Normal Notebook is an always updating column from the writers on The Campus News staff. Here you can read our thoughts, questions, existential crisis’, and stories during this time where we are all questioning reality.

Diego Castro

Quality Family Time and Becoming Cake Boss 9/14/2020

“Some people think that this year has been the worst thing that could possibly happen to us in our generation, but there were some positive things that came from quarantine, well at least for me.

During quarantine, I did things that I would normally never do because because I had more free time. For example, I exercised more, read books, and connected with my family.

Baking was our number one thing we did together during the quarantine. It made me realize how much I appreciate my time with my family and friends because we were always busy with work or doing other things. Maybe we can take this time we have in quarantine and better strengthen our bonds with those you truly care for.”

Nayeli Vargas

COVID Can Be a Real Eye Opener 9/14/2020

“In July, I tested positive for COVID. I have never been more shocked in my life. I thought I was just sick, but not COVID sick. It feels different when you think about how many people have passed away from something that is in YOUR body.

I would always be careful when going to the grocery store or out in public. I was always wearing my mask, washing my hands, and even taking vitamins and teas every day. Somehow I still contracted it.

The worst part for me wasn’t the symptoms, it was the fact that I didn’t know I was sick and I was going to my parents house and hanging out with them. I’m so lucky to have not passed the virus onto them.  I’ve always been the type to separate myself from other people. I love being by myself.

This new quarantine era has made me realize that I do in fact like to be by myself, but I also enjoy the company of others from time to time. I love online classes although they can be annoying sometimes. I’ve had more time to do things and appreciate the world we live in more. It’s been an eye opener.”

Heather Raposo

This Has Become My COVID Normal 9/14/2020

“I survived a day full of zoom meetings; 6 hours in five sessions to be exact.This has become my COVID normal.

This doesn’t include my regular routine of work, study, and personal/home responsibilities. I am now glued to my office chair and many times finding myself unable to walk away due to an incoming priority. This has become my COVID normal.

I have worked from home, over the last five years, for an online school, so I thought I was prepared going into the COVID existence at full force. However, I am also dual enrolled at two colleges which have both become fully online.

It’s days like today that I look back and wonder if my pre-COVID self would be surprised at how long I sit at the computer. Boy, did she have it easy. Six hours of zoom meetings leaving me exhausted. This has become my COVID normal.”